It’s Time For Change – Week 9

It’s Time for Change – Week 9

Food plans!!!

I mentioned last week that I plan my meals for the week, but I don’t meal prep. I find if I sit down during the week and plan out some meals for the coming week, write them down on my planner (as mentioned in last weeks blog) and then do shop on Sunday of what I need for each of those meals then I feel more prepared and find it easier to follow a diet for the week.



I don’t necessarily stick to a certain diet or follow any nutrition plans, I just do some light research on healthy nutritious meals that would fit in with my lifestyle (again everyone is different) see what I have planned for the week coming and choose meals that would suit that day. Most of the time its just me and my daughter at home as Scott works FIFO so planning eating for the week comes easy!

Some of the meals I choose are; Chicken & Steamed Vegies, Steak & home-made potato chips, mince and brown rice and for snacks things such as, rice crackers with peanut butter, eggs, apple for a sweet kick and maybe some yoghurt. Ill do my big shop on a Sunday and then come home and unpack and do some semi meal prep such as chop up or spilt the meat into freezer bags and then pull out what I need each night for the next day.

Some people prefer to meal prep and cook their meals for the entire week which is great for a busy lifestyle and easy to stick to when searching for meal after a big workout or a long day at work however for me I hate re-heated food time and time again (unless it’s a roast dinner!)

Find what works for you and make sure your flexible with yourself and don’t get down if something changes your week plan all together! Please also note any of my advice given is not medically or nutritionally tested, it’s just my opinion on what works/suits my life style only.




Current weight is still 57 kilos


Legs – 55cm

Waist/Belly line – 82cm

Bum – 100cm

Chest – 91cm


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