It’s Time For Change – Week 8

It’s Time for Change – Week 8

Everyone’s lifestyle is different, you may not be able to work out every day, go to the gym, or even follow a set routine as there is just so much going on in your schedule.

I know for me since I have started this challenge I have not been able to keep the same ball rolling… I started with the gym, then home work outs, then park workouts, then morning workouts, then afternoon and evening workouts and each week it changes. Most of the time I feel deflated that I didn’t get each day done down pack like I wished when I planned the week, but I have a busy life style and I cannot let that upset me!



The one thing I make sure is that even if I have planned a gym workout and I can’t get to the gym due to my daughter being sick or working back late then ill do a resistance training before or after dinner at home. Even a quick 30-minute ab session on the mat whilst watching the evening news makes me feel better than skipping my planned worked out and feeling miserable for myself.

I keep a weekly planner on paper front and centre on my kitchen counter with the tasks that are needed to be done each day and on my workout days I clearly note down; what; where and how long of a workout I will be doing on that day as it makes me push myself to cross that task off the list for the day. If I don’t get the same workout done that I planned I just make a little note next to the task explaining the reason why and what I did instead so, then at the end of the week I can go back at reflect at the week that has been and plan a little better for the next week.

I not only write down my workouts but also my meals that I will be eating for the day, so I am better prepared. That night I cook my dinner, pull out tomorrow nights meal and prep, put together my breakfast and lunch and snacks for the next day ready to go all before bed. This way I’m not coming home after a long day at work and opening the fridge looking for something to cook and because I’m tired or my daughter may be clingy I would end up just eating spaghetti on toast or something easy and not relativity healthy.

Others meal prep for the entire week on one day instead of doing it night by night, which I have tried however I like my meals relatively fresh and not always heated up in the microwave.

Everyone is different, YOU need to work out what fits in best with your lifestyle and stick to it as much as you can and don’t let yourself feel down if you make mistakes along the way!




Current weight is  57 kilos


Legs – 55cm

Waist/Belly line – 82cm

Bum – 100cm

Chest – 91cm

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