It’s Time For Change – Week 6

It’s Time for Change – Week 6

Some of my friends and followers are asking me how I track my progress, what programs or systems am I using to note down how I started and if I am making any progress.

Well I don’t have any fancy programs or systems in place… I simply use Notes in my Phone

I LOVE tracking how far I have run in a certain time frame or how much weight I put on my squat bar or how many pulls up I have managed and then compare it week by week.

Check this out… When I first started running on the treadmill a few years ago, in 15 minutes I would walk and run and only get to around 1 kilometer and just before I feel pregnant I managed to run over 2 kilometers in just 15 minutes. I tracked this in my notes and each morning I went to the gym I would push myself to break a new record every morning and it just became a habit rather to check my notes and see what record I would have to break today.


The best way to measure my weight progress is by a grading method… Measurements, scales and photos to compare down the track! I would do this on a weekly check, the same time and day of the week to ensure the details were accurate because remember for women around that time of month everything bounces out.

On each weekly photo I would also note down what training I was doing that week so when I refer back to the photos and seen a big change I could track it down to the training I was doing or even better if I didn’t see much change and noticed that on that week I blew out on my diet or I was on holidays or sick then I could measure why such a change.

Progress photos are so important for both self-motivation and keeping track of progress. Some changes may not be visible on the scales but may be very visible in the mirror. I know for me I usually always bounce between 60kg – 56kg… Only 4 kilos in difference but when I try on new and old clothes or look back at photos I see/feel a massive change!

Just like when I was pregnant, I started at 56 kilos and stopped training around 4 months into being pregnant and from 4 months – 7 months I went from 56 Kilos to 60 Kilos but there was no way I could fit in any of my clothes. I was losing muscle and graining loads of extra weight (and a baby!) ‘

Moral of the story… Consistently take photos, the scales do not always necessarily tell ‘the truth’.


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Current weight is still 57.5 kilos (Down .5 kilos)


Legs – 56cm (down 1cm)

Waist/Belly line – 83cm (down 2cm)

Bum – 103cm (same)

Chest – 91am (same)




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