It’s Time For Change – March

It’s Time for Change – March

So, my goal for last Month was simple… I was to join a gym… I did, and I didn’t!

I hunted around for the closest gym to Quinn’s Day Care and I found Anytime Fitness just up the road which meant I could leave work at 3pm get to the gym by 330pm have a 45min work out and still pick up Quinn at 430pm and take her for a walk and have some family time.


So instead of joining up on a plan that’s $16 a week (just in case I don’t like that gym) I have signed up for a FREE 7-day Trial starting this week. I had a quick look around the gym and it seems to be a good fit out and has all the basic machines and weights I am used to using, so let’s see how it goes!

I am however worried I won’t stick to a plan, so my next mini goal is to make a simple and easy plan for me to follow this week. So, for me to stick with this simple plan I am going to share it with you all.

Mini plan for attack for the week  – why is my week starting on Tuesday? Scott AKA my partner works FIFO and he goes back to work Tuesday so its easier to plan my weeks Tuesday to Monday, rather then Monday to Sunday.

Tuesday – Gym 1530 – 1615

Wednesday – Gym 1530 – 1615

Thursday – Gym 1530 – 1615

Ill start with 3 days this week – Plus the gym I have joined does not have a crèche, so I can’t take Quinn to the gym with me on Saturdays – plus she is in day care full time, so my weekends are dedicated all to her.

So tonight, I’m going to gather up my best Flawnt Clothing gym wear ready for my work out tomorrow!

Photo above I am wearing our – Flawnt Trim Grey Cap



‘Look in the Mirror – That’s your biggest competition!’

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