It’s Time For Change – June

It’s Time for Change – June

Tuesdays work out was good, I did a lower body workout with Quinn at home

A 30-minute workout which consisted of;

X 30 lunges holding Quinn

X 30 squats holding Quinn

X 15 jump squats

X 10 burpess

X 30 jumping lunges

60 seconds of skip rope

I did this routine for around 5 min intervals with 2 minutes rest time


I was buggered after this workout and decided that I really enjoyed it which shows me I may even look at keeping the at home workouts instead of joining a gym.

Wednesday didn’t go to plan, I didn’t fit a workout in at all ☹ So I told myself I must pick up this workout on Monday now instead which is usually my rest day before the new week!

Thursday was great! I met up with Connor up at Greenzone in Joondalup and we smashed a 45-minute upper body workout where we focused on back and arms and then finished off with a little abs. I learnt how to use a few new machines and even did 10 assisted pull ups! One thing I loved using was ‘sliders’, they are these little plates you put on your feet to help with ab workouts (check out some videos here) 

Friday was cardio day and I used this opportunity to take Quinn for a run/ walk to the park! It was great to get outdoors and have a fresh air workout.

As I missed my workout on Wednesday I had to make up for it on Monday… It was a public holiday, so I did some brain storming on what fun activities I could do with the family which would include a good workout. I decided a walking trail would be fun! So, we found a place called Bells Rapids in the Swan Valley. Scott and I packed the car, chucked the dog and Quinn in the car and off we went. It was a fantastic walk! I chucked Quinn in a front pack and had my camel pack with water and some picnic food on my back and went on a 5-hour walk. It was beautiful but a very hot day, so I had to ensure we kept our water intake up and slap on some sunscreen.

Next week I am going to continue my at home workouts and my goal is to fine tune what each workout includes so each week I can break records for those workouts (I love trying to up myself each time!)

Current weight is still 57.5 kilos (Down .5 kilos)


Legs – 56cm (down 1cm)

Waist/Belly line – 83cm (down 2cm)

Bum – 103cm (same)

Chest – 91am (same)

Photo above I am wearing our – Ladies Deep Cut Singlet in Grey & Ladies Dynamic Sports Bra in White & Blue




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