Get To Know Us

We were sitting in a small 6X4M donga in a remote northern territory mine site and had a dream, an idea, a passion for fitness & gym clothing so we put our heads together and decided to turn our dream into reality, and with hard work and determination we started our very own gym clothing collection in early 2015 which was to become known as ‘Flawnt Clothing’.

The Flawnt Clothing brand is determined to bring you the best in fashion for fitness. This means, quality, custom gym gear and above all, at an affordable price.  We are on a mission to empower every athlete we come in contact with to lead a healthy and active lifestyle whilst feeling comfortable, confident and looking fantastic! 

We know everybody is a unique shape and size and here at Flawnt we focus on ensuring each of our collections has a flattering fit on every body, helping everyone look and feel comfortable. So whether you are a hardcore bodybuilder, serious athlete, fitness freak, yoga bunny or just like to look good, Flawnt Clothing has you covered!