We were sitting in a small 6X4M donga in a remote northern territory mine site and had a dream, an idea, a passion for fitness & clothing so we put our heads together and turned our dream into reality, and with hard work and determination we started our very own gym clothing collection in early 2015 ‘flawnt clothing’.

The flawnt clothing brand brings you the best fashion for fitness. We are on a mission to empower every athlete to lead a healthy and active life whilst feeling comfortable and looking fantastic! 

We know everybody comes in all shapes and sizes and here at flawnt we focus on ensuring each of our collections have a flattering fit on the body to make everyone look and feel comfortable about themselves. So whether you are a hardcore bodybuilder, serious athlete, fitness freak, yoga bunny or just like to look good, flawnt clothing will have something that will be perfect for you.

We may be new to the business however it is our passion to deliver unique and inspiring designs to fellow gym lovers who know the meaning of staying fit and healthy. This is what will allow us to become one of the leading active wear brands in australia.

It is still early days for flawnt, so even if our brand is not what you want, make sure you follow us on this start up journey.

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