Challenge to 10% Body Fat – Week 8

Challenge to 10% Body Fat – Week 8


This week I had all my measurements taken to see how I was tracking on my 10% challenge. I was surprised by the results! 

My calves, thighs, chest and shoulders have all increased, ever so slightly, but still increased. While my waist has dropped a couple of centimeters. 

This has opened my eyes to how we see ourselves and our perception of how we think we are going when we set a goal of cutting fat or trying for big gains and how to best measure our success. I see myself every day and don’t really notice any significant changes and have had moments where I’ve questioned if what I’m doing is actually working. This leads on to cutting more calories or doing more cardio, which is not always a good thing. 


Taking time to properly measure everything correctly has proved that I’m on track and even though I don’t see the changes, they are happening, meaning cutting more calories and spending more time at the gym on cardio is not necessary if not detrimental to my overall goal. 

‘It’s a slow process but quitting wont speed it up’

What I’m trying to say is when motivation is waning and your feeling like you’re going nowhere and not seeing the results you want… take the time to get the answers through measurements and photos before drastically adjusting what you’re doing. I think you’ll be surprised to find a change and there’s no better motivation than knowing your closer to achieving your goals than you were yesterday [Symbol] 


Weight: 72 (down)1.68kg 

Current PBF: 17.43 (Down) .57% 


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