Challenge to 10% Body Fat – Week 6

Challenge to 10% Body Fat – Week 6


They say the best way to burn fat is with extra muscle mass. So it goes without saying all my training is based on strength training. 3 sets of 4-6 reps as heavy as I can go. Once I have completed 6 reps for an exercise, the next set is increased by 2.5kg. This doesn’t seem a lot especially when doing legs, but, I’m slowly progressing muscles to a) avoid injury and b) small increases are still increases and I am able to maintain form. 

The first 2 weeks were a bit of a feel out period. I started with manageable weights to gauge where I was comfortable so I was increasing every set for all exercises. By week 3 this had almost stopped and I was just managing 4-5 reps per set of each exercise with the aim each set to at least get the same amount of reps as the first set. Next week that I did that same exercise I would aim to get one more rep in until I finally reached a set of 6 then upped the weight by 2.5kg.  


By progressively loading muscles and not going stupid with the weights I manage increase at least one exercise on any given training day making me feel like I have achieved something thus, keeping the motivation alive! I find high reps and what feels like never increasing weights makes me lose interest quickly.  

Studies have shown that when strength training as I am, 2 – 5 mins rest between sets is optimal for absolute strength increase. Although to start with I just felt lazy and was that guy leaning all over the equipment doing diddley squat, recently I have needed the 3 minutes rest after maximum exertion of about 25 seconds. 

To warm up, after a quick jog on the treadmill and a couple mins stretching I do 4 warm up sets.  

(All warm up sets are for first exercise for the day) 

First warm up set is 50% of my heaviest weight for 12 repetitions (NOT my 1 Rep Max). 

Second warm up set is 50% of my heaviest weight for 10 repetitions. 

Third warm up set is 70% of my heaviest weight for 4 repetitions. 

Fourth warm up set is 90% of my heaviest weight for 1 repetition. 

Warming up this way gets the biggest muscles of the muscle group (ie leg day I start with squats) functioning first with light weights then progressively loading them up to my heavy working sets instead of just smashing them straight out and injuring myself. 

I finish of with 15 minutes of light cardio to get my heart rate up and flush out any lactic acid build up from muscles worked, and that about ends my time at the gym. Unfortunately with long rest periods it stretches my gym time from 45 mins of working to about 90 mins including rest times which can be hard when life can already be hectic on a daily basis. 

Weight: 73.68kg ⬇.32kg 

Current PBF: 18.1% ⛔ 

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