Challenge to 10% Body Fat – Week 3

WEEK 3  

This week has been tough to get my head around finding a balance. This has been my first week on nightshift since starting this crazy idea.

We work Monday (following our week of days), shift change Monday night and Tuesday. Then straight into night shift Tuesday night. Sounds simple and can be BUT… only having 24 hours to shift your body clock plays havoc on the ol body.

Firstly we pretty much fast for one day eating breakfast (if I get up before 9am) and sleeping through to dinner. So I’m not hitting my nutritional needs for 24 hours.




Secondly, trying to flip my sleep routine from days to nights is tricky. I try and go to bed late and sleep most of the next day, but because I’m in a sleep at night/play all day routine, my body naturally fights sleeping that day making any sleep I get light at best. This in turn messes with recovery etc.

Thirdly, eating. And this is shift workers nationwide I think, I’m just not hungry or thirsty at night. I’ve come in 150-200 calories short of my goal every night, yet eat more than I want.

Usually takes about 3 days for my body to get into a routine and realize my days and nights have been flipped around and sleeping and eating become easier. Throw 5 days of gym into the mix and I don’t think my body knows what’s going on ?

I have lost body fat and naturally weight which is the whole point of this exercise and should be stoked, but not sure if it’s been done in a healthy way. I don’t want to lose any more than .5kg weekly or ill be losing muscle as well (and I don’t have much of that to spare to begin with!)

After 3 weeks, feeling good, got a few more tweaks to make now and plan for next night shift and best of all, I’m still on track ????

Current weight: 74.25kg ⬇ 0.52kg

Current PBF: 20.1 ⬇ 0.9%

I’m wearing our Red LW-Tee 

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