Challenge to 10% Body Fat – Week 2

WEEK 2  

Week 2 of my #10%bodyfat goal has been a bit of a challenge for my ‘average Joe diet’. I have managed to stay within my daily calorie goal everyday bar one where I forgot to take my night time shake into account. I had dessert, which brought me right up to my daily calorie limit ?. It was too late by the time I realised, I’d finished my ice cream with a side of Sea Critters Trolli lollies. I had my Casein shake anyways to help with overnight muscle repair and stop the night time hungers while I’m on a 500 calorie deficit daily. I’m still working out foods I can and can’t eat. I seem to go over my carb limit everyday even after cutting out certain foods and not quite hitting my protein needs.  

“Excuses don’t burn calories” 



This is also my first week of work (FIFO) since accepting my own 10% target, which brings on new challenges. Firstly although we get fairly good food onsite, we don’t have a choice of what we get served. Nor do we walk around with scales to measure portions making it hard to accurately know your daily intake. I have only my plate to measure portion sizes and  MyFitnessPal app to gauge roughly what I’m eating and guessing how much oil etc has been used to cook.  Secondly, due to various factors of camp life I only get 5-6 hours sleep a night if I plan on hitting the gym, which makes it hard to give 110% due to fatigue (this gets worse further into the swing with night shift thrown in for good measure). An epic pre workout definitely helps! 


Another thing that helps ten fold is having people around that keep you honest when it comes to eating! I’ve heard over and over ‘that won’t get you to 10%’ and as annoying as it can get, it also makes me think they are probably right and rethink my choices. 


All in all I seem to tracking along nicely. With a few more tweaks here and there, I’m looking forward to seeing what next week brings ???? 


Current weight: 74.8kg ⬇  0.6kg

Current PBF: 21% ⬇ 3%

(I can only put this down to loss of water retention more than fat loss. I have cut down sodium massively which has a huge effect on water retention and bloating…  next week will tell if this is right)


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